Academic and teaching staff will play the role of academic advisors.
They meet students at least once during their first year of study and assist students with various aspects of their learning experience and render Professional Advice as follows:

Step 01

Provide assistance with goal setting and development of study plans

Step 02

Discuss with students their academic progress

Step 03

Share information about the curricula and course requirements in their Faculty

Step 04

Give advice on students’ holistic development and future career development

Step 05

Provide assistance in exploring the possible short- and long-range benefits of the educational options and opportunities available from the first (home) major as well as other second major/minors. Further support outside the first (home) major is available by referring to the contact list of Second Major/Minors and Coordinators in the Registry website

Step 06

Foster a supportive relationship with students

Step 07

Promote students' self-direction and accountability

Step 08

Make effective referrals and direct students to other sources of advice