• DW supports Academic Advising
  • A web-based, degree-auditing and tracking tool to evaluate academic progress towards graduation in accordance with university/programme requirements
  • Open for use by all students of all levels, from doctorate to higher diploma level (except Professional Development Programmes), regardless of whether academic advising is adopted in their programmes
  • Allows students to quickly and easily identify which requirements have been satisfied, and which requirements are outstanding
  • Perform a “What-if” and “Look-ahead” analysis to visualize how current courses in students’ academic records would be used if a different major is selected, and to understand the impact of every academic option
  • Features of DegreeWorks help students and advisors view the fulfilment of course requirements after credit transfer
  • User-friendly GPA indicator to keep students on track
Benefits of using DegreeWorks
  • It supports real-time delivery of progress towards degree completion
  • Easily determine the Domain fulfilment status of Major, Minor, Free Electives, General Education and Language Enhancement courses, which courses have been granted credit transfer and the outstanding ones that need to be completed before graduation
  • Go green and reduce errors by using the online web-based degree-auditing tool
  • Better support students’ academic goals
  • The “What-if” function shows students how progress towards degree completion changes if they add a Second Major / Minor or change majors
  • It facilitates the declaration processes of Second Major / Minor
  • Stay on track towards graduation and foster student success in study planning