Academic Advising for SYE

Academic Advising for SYE

As a senior year entrant, you are not alone when you enter into a new learning environment to finish your study at EdUHK. An academic advisor will be assigned to support going you through this transition. Your academic advisor will help you to define and develop realistic goals and discuss the linkage between academic preparation and career opportunities. Programme staff (i.e., Programme Leader/Coordinator) stand ready to help you too.


Tips for SYE

Step 01

Stay active in your academics, career & experiential/co-curricular activities

Step 02

Make your course plan for preparation of your graduation

Step 03

Talk with your academic advisor about future plans (e.g., about career development, future study, and external exams)

Step 04

Review your future plans with your academic advisor

Step 05

Discuss with your academic advisor the fulfilment of graduation requirements

Step 06

Explore and gather information about postgraduate programmes that you are interested in, and the required examination(s), such as TOEFL, GRE or GMAT

Step 07

Engage in the activities that can help you to prepare your resume and job interviews

Step 08

Meet with an academic advisor to review coursework, graduation requirements and post-graduation plans

Step 09

Attend on-campus career and graduate school fairs and prepare resumes, curricula vitae and portfolios

Step 10

Create a timetable to record important dates for career centre events, graduate school admission deadlines and more. It is also helpful to add weekly or monthly actions steps and goals in order to stay on track

Step 11

Obtain information about graduate and professional schools, including required exams, admission requirements and deadlines

Step 12

Plan to take appropriate graduate entrance exams

Step 13

Network with career and graduate school professionals via virtually, face-to-face, social media, phone and emails