Issues relating to programmes offered by FEHD

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Issues relating to programmes offered by FHM

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Issues relating to programmes offered by FLASS

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Issues relating relating to EdD, PhD, MEd and MPhil programmes

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Main CLE website:

  • Chinese / English /Putonghua Enhancement Programme
  • Independent Learning

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Chinese Enhancement Programmes
Tel:2948 7896
English Enhancement Programme
Tel:2948 7029/8044
Putonghua Enhancement Programmes
Tel: 2948 7896

Main LTTC website:

  • IT ePortfolio Checking
  • Moodle LMS
  • Student ePortfolio

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Main EO website:

  • Campus Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Transportation

General Enquiries:
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Campus Emergency No. (24-Hour)
Tel: 2948 8000

Main FO website:

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Student Tuition Fee
Tel: 2948 6109/7440

Main GE webpage:

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    Non-local Learning Experience
    On-campus Integration Activities

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Main Library website:

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Borrowing and Return, Room Booking, Lost and Found, Library Membership
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Interlibrary Loan
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Main OCIO website:

  • Computer accounts (for students)
  • EdU Card for Students
  • Email Services
  • Loan Services

IT Help Desk Hotline:
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Main Registry website:

Academic Regulations and Records Section

  • Academic Advising
  • Examination
  • Timetabling
  • Student disciplinary matters
  • Student records

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Admissions, Registrations and Academic Planning Section

  • Student discipline
  • Student registrations (including transfer of programme/subject for new students) 

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Tel: 2948 6886    Email:

Information Centre (Student Records Service Desk)

  • General enquiries on student records
  • Handle applications for academic documents, credit transfers, change of personal particulars, replacement of student cards, deferment/withdrawal of studies, change of programme, etc.

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Tel: 2948 6177    Email:

Main SAO website:

General Enquiries: 
Tel: 2948 6720    Email: 

Campus Life

  • Campus Life Advising System
  • ELAT
  • Health Care Services
  • Locker Services

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Campus Life Advising System
Health Care Services

Career Development

  • Career Guidance
  • Employment Services
  • Further Studies
  • Internship/Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Team:
Tel: 2948 6761
Appointment for Career Guidance & Information on Further Studies

Community Services

  • Co-curricular and Service Learning Courses
  • Community Service Projects
  • Mass Signature and Online Service Programme

Co-curricular and Service Learning Courses:
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Counselling Services

  • Counselling Workroom
  • Equal Opportunities Campus
  • Person Enrichment Programme
  • Psychological Counselling
  • SEN Support Services

Contact information:
Talking to a Counsellor
Tel: 2948 6245    Email:
EdUHK 24-Hour Counselling Hotline for Students
Tel: 8208 1155
Equal Opportunities and Disability Access Officer
Tel: 2948 6012    Email:

Cultural Integration

Contact Information:
Tel: 2948 6248    Email:

Scholarships & Awards

  • Scholarships, Student Awards
  • Whole Person Development Award

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Student Finance

  • Government Grants and Loans
  • Bursaries and Loans
  • Student Travel/Allowance
  • Emergency Fund and Loan
  • iWork

Student Halls

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Hall Management Section
General Enquiries for Hall Admission

University Life Planning

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Tel: 2948 7199    Email:

Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI)

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